What kind of clientele do you work with?

All Kinds!

Pain and Injuries: Muscular (strains and tears), skeletal/bone (post fracture), ligamentous (sprains, tears), joint (pain, inflammation, arthritis, dislocation), nerve (sciatica, carpal tunnel, “pinched” nerve), tendonitis, bursitis etc.

Post Surgery: orthopedic – muscle, bone, ligaments, meniscus, Post or pre cardiac surgeries

Syndromes: Headaches, migraines, post concussion, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia etc.

Miscellaneous: Post pregnancy – diastasis recti, C-section, post medical intervention rehabilitation – restoration of balance to the neuromusculoskeletal system, neuromechanical balance, rehab during or post cancer treatment.

The above list is by all means not complete.  If you are unsure if your problem can be helped or if your performance goals can be met by the team at Catalyst, please send us an e-mail to [email protected] and state your inquiry.

Is my therapy session covered by insurance?

Yes, most insurance companies recognize one or more of the following professional licenses: physiotherapy, athletic therapy, and naturopathy.  All of our skilled therapists maintain one or more of the above-mentioned qualifications.

Are my strength and conditioning services covered by insurance?

Depending on the services being rendered by our staff, sessions can often be covered by Athletic therapy billing.

What kinds of clients do you do strength and conditioning for?

In the past, our strength and conditioning clientele were mainly dividing into two groups; professional athletes coming in for our global approach (biophysiological testing and monitoring, all encompassing global training) and our therapy clients sealing the deal on full biomechanical recovery from injury.  However, as time goes by a significant portion of our strength and conditioning clients are individuals who are not necessarily athletes nor recovering from an injury but who have heard about our structured, comprehensive approach to health, and want to explore beyond the boundaries of typical training.

Do you work with sports injuries and performance training?

Yes, Catalyst is well known for its sport injuries and performance training expertise. Our staff include physical therapy and athletic therapy consultants to the Montreal Canadiens, the medical coordinator of Rugby Quebec, physical therapy consultant to College Francais de Longeuil’s Junior AAA Hockey Team, and former Head Therapist for the Montreal Alouettes Football Team for 10 years.